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Property management can be a challenge for the most seasoned professionals, let alone individuals and investors. Our team has been able to help thousands of property owners over decades to keep their investment property in great shape, maintaining positive cash flow and quality tenants.

Our residents enjoy working with us and can count on prompt service, great communication, and expertise. So do our clients.

Property Listings: We update our available property list every day. You may view the entire listing or search for a property that suits your needs by type of home, area, number of bedrooms/bathrooms, and cost per month.

Make Money by Renting Your Home in Charlotte

Multi-Family Management

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Make Money by Renting Your Home

Our brokerage staff at Brown & Glenn has years of experience in the management of multifamily properties, apartment and condominium communities. We will work to best understand the needs of each property, including: on-site staffing and offices, maintenance solutions, contract and vendor management, leasing and marketing strategies, landscaping, community outreach and more. We are comfortable with property levels from A retail to value-add C. We have a proven track record for improving properties over time. 

We also help our commercial clients to establish cash flow on investment portfolios, coordinate 1031 exchange strategy, and provide insightful market analysis.

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